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Best Laptop Backpack Brands

Popular Backpack Brands

Continued growth in the consumer electronic industry has led to manufactures previously known for producing small electronics and backpacks to shift focus. Now many established companies have began offering high quality computer backpacks. When choosing a laptop computer bag a consumer should choose a brand that is widely recognized and known for consistently producing quality products. Here are some of the best laptop backpack brands.

Favorite Brands: Case Logic, JanSport, Kensington, Swiss Gear, Tamrac, Targus

Case Logic

Founded in 1984, Case Logic started out as a small audio storage company. Over the past decades the company went from a small, Colorado based, organization to a large contributor to the electronic storage field. Case Logic has a full line of electronic friendly luggage including, but certainly not limited to, computer backpacks. Case Logic laptop backpacks are designed with the electronic savvy consumer in mind. Containing numerous pockets for cell phones, mp3 players, and computer accessories; Case Logic even manufactures a combination laptop computer and camera backpack.

JanSportBest Laptop Backpack

For years JanSport has been a brand standard in the backpack industry. Long associated with manufacturing quality backpacks for students, and inexpensive luggage; JanSport has become one of the leading developers of computer backpacks. With several lines of laptop computer bags, the company prides itself on providing an option for everyone. Students needing to transport laptops to school can find an affordable, standard laptop bag while professionals can find stylish but durable laptop computer bags for their everyday needs. There is also a line of designer laptop messenger bags and other backpacks aimed towards the style conscious laptop owner.


An industry leader in the field of electronic accessories, Kensington currently manufactures accessories for nearly every consumer electronic available on the market. Since 1981 the company has maintained a “smart made simple” philosophy. This company does not spend time manufacturing designer laptop computer cases, instead they focus on providing simple computer backpack options aimed at all types of laptop computer owner. Some of their most popular items are sleek laptop computer cases that can be converted into briefcases or messenger bags.

Swiss Gear

The Swiss Gear computer backpack line is one of the most widely sought after and researched laptop bag brands available today. Part of the Victorinox Swiss Army company, Swiss Gear is a brand that is committed to exceeding customer expectations. The high quality “laptop ready” backpacks manufactured by Swiss Gear are designed to help busy professionals keep up with the demands of their careers. With messenger laptop bags, traditional computer backpacks, and rolling laptop bags available; there is a Swiss Gear laptop computer bag option for everyone.


The California based Tamrac company was founded in 1977 and started out manufacturing camera carrying solutions. Built around the concept of nature photography the company focused on providing quality carrying options to outdoor enthusiasts. The company has grown to include outdoor enthusiasts who wish to stay connect to the internet in their manufacturing vision. Tamrac specializes in manufacturing durable, water-resistant, laptop bags that are suitable for long-term outdoor laptop storage. Though the laptop computer backpacks designed by Tamrac are not created with style or fashion in mind, they are available in a wide variety of colors. Individuals who are also photography enthusiasts have the option of buying the larger, and more durable, laptop backpacks that include storage space for cameras and photography.


Several of the leading computer backpack brands were companies that got their start in a different, though slightly similar, industry. Targus breaks the mold by being a computer backpack brand that was founded solely with notebook accessory manufacture in mind. Currently operating in 45 offices world wide while providing products to major retailers in over 140 companies, Targus specializes in creating sleek laptop backpacks. Targus is one of the few manufacturers to provide users with access to laptop backpacks for laptop computers that are 18 inches.

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