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In recent history, computers have changed how we see, hear, or walk the world. Computers have been a part of everyday life – it seems like living without it is impossible. This was the reason why many people in the computer industry went into extensive studies and research to make the computer smaller, faster, and better.

In 1981 , the computer made a revolutionary transformation. The bulky computer and all its complex parts are jammed into one small machine that can be placed atop your lap – the laptop computer.

The laptop, which recently can been referred to as notebook (or netbook – the smaller variety), has been the cornerstone of portable technology that can do common task as a desktop personal computer would do. The laptop allowed the user to travel around going anywhere in the world bringing his precious computer along.

The laptop has revolutionized computer technology. Since the birth of the Osbourne 1(the first portable computer) in 1981, men and women sought out technology that would forever change how we look at the world. The computer became smaller and lighter and more practical. Apple Computer, Inc. (now much conveniently known simply as Apple, Inc.) created the Powerbook in 1991 which became the cornerstone of the modern laptop today. The Powerbook featured a palm rest and a pointing device – two features which are the standards in the modern laptop.

Today, laptops are available in different sizes, colors, shapes, and capacity. It dominated the portable computer market for over two decades (only to be matched by the recently popular tablet PC), because many would choose a laptop over a desktop PC because of its portability. You can use it anytime, anywhere – literally.

But bringing a laptop by hand would be bulky. Of course, you need something to carry it with – and rugged leather laptop bags will definitely fit the bill! Laptop bags could be made from different materials. The most common would be cotton, polyester, and leather. The sturdiest among the three is of course, leather. Leather is virtually weather-proof, tear-proof, and waterproof.

Leather laptop bags are not only a practical choice by owners because of the renowned durability of quality leather, but also because of the classic and sophisticated charm a leather piece could give to anyone who carries it.

A few of the most popular brands of leather laptop bags would be:

McKlein Leather Laptop Bags

McKlein leather laptop bags are renowned to make quality and classy leather products which includes business cases, catalogue cases, computer cases, backpacks, casual bags, duffle bags, and luggage. McKlein has proven itself to be the leading brand in providing durable and quality leather laptop bags for the mobile professional.

McKlein’s extensive line up of leather laptop bags are just phenomenal. The Halsted is a flap-over double compartment laptop case that just blew my mind. Its very stylish and classic appearance will enrapture the technology your laptop has in sleek full grain oil-tanned leather. The classic messenger bag look will add sophisticated style to anyone, or simply anything!

Its beauty is matched with superb functionality. It has a built in padded laptop sleeve that can fit in a laptop with a maximum size of 15.4”. it also has organizer pockets to keep the insides of your leather computer bag clutter free. A smart zipper attachment at the back of the bag allows the case to be attached with a trolley or extended handles of luggage. These leather laptop bags are best for men and women.

The best selling leather laptop bag of McKlein would be the Damen. Like the Halsted, it is totally convertible from a shoulder bag into a trolley with a trolley attachment. The custom trolley attachment comes with every purchase of the Damen. Its front organizer pocket has enough room for all your small media devices or business cards, key holders or pens. The Damen Leather Laptop Case has two spacious main compartments: the back compartment is the padded laptop compartment that can hold a laptop up to 17” in size. The front compartment could be expanded to provide more space.

With a full-grain leather exterior, padded shoulder straps for comfort, and 10 mm high density foam that wraps the laptop for protection, the McKlein Damen is one of the perfect leather computer bags for men.

Don’t think I forgot about the ladies. McKlein also offers an extensive line-up of leather laptop bags for women. The most popular would be the Willow Springs. At first glance the bag would remind you of Hermes Birkin bag because of the strap feature it has across the bag, the quality Italian leather, and the range of fresh colors available. Comparison aside, the Willow Springs stands out among the leather laptop bags in the market today. It features several compartments for maximum organization, and a built-in high density laptop sleeve for optimum protection. The McKlein Willow Springs can fit a laptop up to 15.4” in size.

Tumi Leather Laptop Bags

Tumi has one of the most extensive collection of travel bags brimming with sophistication. Since 1975, Tumi, Inc. has produced ballistic nylon and leather products which reached every corner of the world. Tumi also embarked on collaborations with other companies including Ducati, an Italian motorcycle company. The best offering of Tumi leather laptop bags would be its sleek leather laptop backpack.

Tumi’s T-Pass Business Class Leather Briefpack combines the class of leather, and the comfort and functionality of backpacks.

It is cleverly designed to pass TSA checkpoints without having to remove your laptop from the bag. The laptop compartment is located at an almost separate compartment from the bag, which allows it to be spread flat for inspection.

In my opinion, the Business Class Leather Briefpack is number one on the list of leather laptop bags. It is one of the most ideal leather laptop bags for the frequently traveling business man.

Mobile Edge Leather Laptop Bags

Mobile edge puts the edge in leather laptop bags. A wide variety of types and material for laptop bags makes Mobile Edge a very competitive brand. It has a very extensive selection of leather laptop bags, and the real eye catcher is the Komen Paris Backpack for women.

For the Gleeks out there, you might have seen this leather laptop backpack worn by Britanny (played by Heather Morris) in a season 2 episode of Glee. Though not 100% leather, it still pulls out enough sazz to put any woman collapse in envy. The Komen Paris Laptop Backpack features a somewhat classic school girl appearance with a simple leather exterior with a single pink strap accent running across the leather laptop bag’s facade. It feature a SafetyCell Computer protection compartment for safety, and ventilated side and rear panels and ergonomic shoulder straps for excellent comfort. Every purchase of these leather laptop bags will be sent to Benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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