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Rolling Backpacks – Why People Buy Rolling Backpacks

Are Rolling Backpacks a Better Option?

An alternative to traditional laptop computer bags are rolling backpacks that can be wheeled by the owners.  Wheeled computer backpacks help laptop owners who commute regularly avoid back strain.  They are also more convenient for those who need to carry many documents and accessories since they often provide more storage space.

Rolling backpacks were created to help students suffering from back problems as a result of carrying overloaded backpacks.  When computer backpacks became popular among laptop owners, manufacturers saw a chance to continue providing back support for users.  Many computer backpacks are designed with lumbar support and extra padding to provide comfortable weight distribution to wearers.

The Pros of Rolling Backpacks for Laptops:Rolling Laptop Computer BackpackRolling Backpacks

  • Back strain relief
  • Easier To Carry
  • Lumbar Support
  • Extra padding


Unfortunately, even though these rolling backpacks were designed with convenience and safety in mind, they do have their downsides.  overtime back support panels and shoulder straps can break destroying any comfort the owner previously enjoyed.

Rolling backpacks are not often designed with aesthetics in mind.  As a result, the average computer bag with wheels is bulky and not very attractive.  Many owners of wheeled backpacks will say that appearance is not important, but the bulk of some wheeled backpacks affects more than the laptop bags visual appeal.

Some of the more bulky rolling backpacks have weight distributed with little regard for balance.  Compartments and panels around these poorly designed bags will cause the laptop bag to fall forward the moment it is released.  Computer travel bags that are constantly at risk of falling over are not very attractive.

More importantly, some of that bulk may prevent a rolling backpack owner from being able to make use of all available space.  Extra layers of padding designed to protect a laptop sometimes makes it hard for owners to store books, accessories, or even cell phones securely.  Also, some rolling backpacks come with removable pouches that are designed to offer additional storage, but usually end up getting lost or caught in the bags zippers.

Wheeled computer bags are moved using a handle that extends and retracts as needed.  In most cases these handles can be pulled out easily, but overtime many rolling computer bag owners begin experiencing problems.  After heavy use the handle used to maneuver the large backpack will start to stick when being extended or lowered down.

Being unable to lower the handle can cause a laptop owner many problems if they are trying to travel.  Airport staff and others trying to help lower the handle so that the bag can be stored may damage it beyond repair.  If the handle will not extend after it has been lowered the laptop owner might be forced to carry a heavy bag defeating the entire purpose of owning a rolling computer backpack.

Rolling a computer backpack quickly through an airport is one thing, trying to navigate a busy sidewalk with one is another.  Having a rolling laptop bag may save your back while creating a new type of inconvenience.  People traveling around someone with a rolling backpack might not always notice the bag moving near the owners feet.  Having to deal with people complaining about tripping or almost stumbling as a result of a bag can make the laptop bag quickly lose most, if not all, of its appeal.

The terrain might also create problems for a laptop bag owner.  Rolling backpacks are not designed to travel over rough ground.  Though sidewalks and office buildings are not traditionally rough, cracks and carpeting can make rolling a wheeled computer backpack difficult.  Stopping constantly to free a snagged laptop bag can severely strain the patience of even the calmest commuter.

The Downside of Rolling Backpacks:

  • Bulky
  • Sticking Handles
  • Unfavorable Terrain

Although rolling backpacks can be a bit bulky the extra weight removed from your shoulders could be priceless.  Overall, a rolling backpack for your computer makes a  great option for anyone suffering from lower back pain or wishing to prevent future complications.

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